COMPOSITES - COMPOSites to enhance safety of transport infrastructure under extreme conditions

Supported by national funding (D.D. n. 62, 24/03/2011) the project “COMPOsiti” is led by Tecnosistem and it is focused on the safety of transport infrastructures subjected to extreme conditions. The project (Misura 3.17, POR Campania 2000/2006) aimed to support SMEs for new industrial research projects and precompetitive development activities. The project activities included implementation of novel design tools, protective solutions and mitigation tools for rail tunnels under extreme conditions such as explosions and fire outbrakes, by using advanced computer simulations, virtual prototyping, and novel composite material solutions. As a result of a detailed risk analysis, a novel passive protection covering prototype for the metro tunnels was designed and constructed. The behaviour under the identified extreme conditions was predicted by means of models to evaluate its capability to protect the structural components of the tunnel and reduce the risk of fatalities