Since 2011 Tecnosistem has been involved in a number of national (Programmi Operativi Nazionali, PON) and regional research projects (Programmi Operativi Regionali- POR) supported by the European Community.

The PON projects, established by the European Community C(2007)6882, 21.12.07, are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of research centers, industries and SMEs located in the following Italian regions: Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicilia. Over the last three years, Tecnosistem has been involved in a number of projects in various engineering sectors.

The POR projects in Campania region have the main goal of increasing the competitiveness of local systems, the manufacturing sector and the scientific and technological research in Southern Italy, promoting technology transfer and stimulating innovation. Tecnosistem has been involved in two projects. The first one was focused on promoting innovation and technology transfer strongly supported by local entrepreneurs. The second project was dedicated to the creation of a Network of Excellence involving Universities, Research Centers, SMEs and industries.

A detailed list of our projects is reported below