Tecnosistem provides specialty consulting in various areas of the defense sector. A representative list of our services includes:

Design of electrical and mechanical components installed on a weapon system

  • Preliminary sizing
  • Component Design
  • Packaging studies
  • Layout drawings
  • Executive Drawings (3D and 2D)
  • Control and approval of final reports

CAD design of Wiring and electrical systems and relative documentation

  • Drawings of electrical systems
  • Detailed Wiring design
  • Data Entry

Planning And Operational Support

  • Manufacturing planning
  • Project cost control (monthly)
  • Monitoring of results and corrective actions
  • Manufacturing progress monitoring
  • Reporting

Industrialization and Line Validation (IVL)

  • Mounting and Final testing regulations
  • Equipment Setup for Vibration test areas
  • Procedure for quality control of monitored work environments Cat. 5 (NAS 1638)
  • Procedure for oil micro particle detection to guarantee the operation of a hydraulic circuit
  • Operation planning
  • Technical requirements
  • Mounting and installation requirements
  • Handling requirements
  • Final Testing and acceptance requirements

Procurement Support and qualification of foreign suppliers

  • Selection of suppliers
  • Dealing and order placement
  • Management of Purchasing process
  • Supplier qualification
  • Supplier audit (Italy/Europe)