Tecnosistem provides its customers with full engineering services which range from conceptual design to production phase, covering the entire aircraft life-cycle.

A list of our current technical know-how and expertise includes:

  • Primary and secondary structural design of aircrafts with conventional and composite materials
  • Aeronautical systems installing
  • Design To Cost
  • Feasibility studies
  • Ergonomic Analysis
  • Support to the Manufacturing process
  • Program & Project Management
  • Static analysis of metallic and composite structures
  • Fatigue analysis, progressive failure analysis, damage tolerance
  • Dynamic, acoustic and vibration analysis
  • Thermal and Thermo-structural analysis
  • Crash analysis, contact analysis, impact analysis
  • Certification process
  • Repair manuals and support to the operating fleet

Thanks to the collaboration with various Research Networks we provide the best design solutions, in accordance with the latest research results and international regulations