Tecnosistem has strengthened its skills and expertise in the automotive sector over the years. This allows the company to participate in important projects for various customers by either providing consultancy or teams in order to reach specific goals. A list of our current technical know-how includes:

Car assembly process validation for mechanical parts and bodywork

  • body layout and external trim verification
  • Floor-console molding analysis and interface coupling

Product Engineering/Controls


  • Car door frame

CFD analysis

  • Modelling and analysis of car under-bonnet areas

Crash Analysis

  • Numerical models for lateral and pole crash test


  • Electrical system layout

Geometrical verification

  • Chest Offset verifications
  • Side Air Bag modelling
  • Head Air Bag modelling


  • Verification and testing of exhaust system. Euro 5&6 Regulation.
  • Whole engine test bed setup
  • Instrumentation and engine parts
  • Engine tests and data analysis
  • Development of analysis tools and data comparison

Product Engineering/Gasoline Controls

  • Test and validation of the engine control system (Hardware-In-the-Loop, Rapid Control Prototyping)
  • Analysis and validation of diagnosis tools for engines with Variable Valve Timing
  • Setup and design of new ignition systems
  • Prediction of temperature distribution and air flow in the engine compartment