Project title: Stazione Cilea

Start/End Date: 2003-2010

Project overview :

The "Nodo Cilea", located between Montesanto and Piave station of rail line Circumflegrea of the operator SEPSA, links passengers from the western area to Vomero district. The project involves:

  • upgrading and implementation of safety measures for tunnels and rail technological operation system
  • Construction of the deep station Cilea of rail line Circumflegrea (100 m below road level)
  • Hub of Naples Metro Line 1

These projects have shown our capabilities to find new construction solutions for underground work and new ideas and concepts to comply with fire-fighting regulations

Value of the project: 77 M€

Value of the work assigned to Tecnosistem: : 77 M€

Value of the engineering tasks assigned to Tecnosistem:0,8 M€

Tasks performed:

  • Preliminary design for project financing
  • Detailed design for work procurement
  • Supervision of Works

Client :Ente Autonomo Volturno s.r.l. / S.E.P.S.A. S.p.A.