Project title: Rail line Napoli-Giugliano-Aversa of Metrocampania Nord Est

Start/End Date: 2001-2010

Project overview :
Upgrading and commissioning of rail Alifana (renamed Linea Napoli-Giugliano-Aversa della Metrocampania Nord Est)

-Segment Piscinola-Aversa:
6 deep stations, 2 conversion substations, 10 ventilation shafts, 12 km of tunnels, 4 operation tracks, 1 maintenance workshop, 1 km of connection ramps with Line 1 of Naples Metro

-Segment Piscinola- Capodichino:
4 deep stations, 1 conversion substation, 4 ventilation shafts, 2.5 km of tunnels,

Value of the project: 700 M€

Value of the work assigned to Tecnosistem: 700 M€

Value of the engineering tasks assigned to Tecnosistem: 9,2 M€

Tasks performed:

Segment Piscinola-Aversa C

- Supervision of Works
- Support to final testing and commissioning of 8 railway traction units
- Coordination of safety aspects during the design and construction phases
- Detailed design of electrical and train handling systems
- Detailed design of Piscinola and Melito train stations
- CFD simulation of fire events in tunnels

Segment Piscinola (e) – Capodichino (e)

- Detailed design
- Detailed design of civil infrastructures
- Conceptual design of a maintenance depot
- Supervision of Works for civil constructions
- Supervision of civil and technological works

Clients: Ente Autonomo Volturno s.r.l. / MetroCampania s.r.l.