Project title: Upgrading of railway line Warsaw– Lodz – Design and construction- Poland

Start/End Date: 2012

Project overview :

Phase II, 'Lotto B2' Upgrading of railway line Lodz Widzew - Lodz Fabryczna by constructing the Lodz Fabryczna station building and underground station (for train departures/arrivals and passenger service). Roads and infrastructure reconstruction around Fabryczna train station. Construction of an interchange junction above and below Weglowa street

Value of the project: 350 M€

Value of the work assigned to Tecnosistem : N.A.

Value of the engineering tasks assigned to Tecnosistem:N.A.

Tasks performed:

  • On-site Technical support for civil and electrical railway facilities
  • Verification and pre-validation of the project

Client: JV Torpor, Astaldi S.p.A., Intercor, PBDiM