Project Name: Design and rail extension of the Rome Metro Line B between Rebibbia and Casal Monastero

Start/End Date: 2012/on-going

Project overview:

3 stations, 2 converter substations, 2 in-between stations ventilation shafts, 3 km of underground tunnels, maintenance depot (10 tracks), surface layout of the stations and the new interchange of Casal Monastero near G.R.A. and multilevel garage

Value of the project: 387 M€

Value of the work assigned to Tecnosistem: 70 M€

Value of the engineering tasks assigned to Tecnosistem: 1,19 M€

Tasks performed

  • Design and installation of civil and railway facilities ( Load power supply, LdC, ticket office, depot set-up)
  • Specialized Consulting Services:

    -Coordination and Management of technological system design -Configuration Set-up, performance and functionality evaluation of the subway line

    - Railway operation (traffic management, definition of operational scenarios, equipment, load power schemes, stray current studies, grounding system schemes, definition of safety and in-service technological systems’ interfaces)

    -Fire prevention system (fire events simulation studies, configuration of the ventilation system, specialist consulting to obtain fire fighters certification and/or project approval)

    - Usability and comfort (Simulation studies of environmental comfort (thermal, acoustic etc.) of train stations, rail lines and depot, specialist consulting to meet local health legislation directives and/or project approval)

    - Project integration (interface e and integration of OOCC-OOTT, interface and integration of civil and rail systems)

Client: Metro B srl (JV Salini S.p.A., Vianini S.p.A., Ansaldo STS S.p.A.)