Finite Element Modelling (2D and 3D)

TECNOSISTEM, using the latest software, can timely deliver finite element analysis both on single components and complex mechanical structures (car bodies, aircrafts, aerospace equipment ). Moreover, TECNOSISTEM performed Finite Element Modelling on very important aeronautical and aerospace programs

FE Analysis (Linear and non-linear)

TECNOSISTEM has acquired an extensive knowledge in performing linear and non-linear analyses. In particular, the non-linear analyses concerned:

  • Contact between parts;
  • Large displacements and deformations;
  • Non-linearity due to material

Dynamic and vibration analysis (modal, shock, random)

TECNOSISTEM has performed dynamic analyses for the following sectors:

  • Rail
  • Aerospace
  • Mechanical
  • Aerospace

We have carried out modal analyses for resonance identification, frequency response function analyses, and random and shock analysis. In particular, for the rail market, we have performed vibration fatigue analyses and comfort vibro-acoustic analyses. Moreover, vibration, shock and random analyses were performed on aerospace components under launch loads

Impact and crash analysis

TECNOSISTEM has performed impact simulations for the rail and aeronautical markets

Fatigue and life estimation (durability)

TECNOSISTEM also performed fatigue analysis on aeronautical, mechanical and rail components

In particular, for the rail market, fatigue analyses of the train bodywork were performed in compliance with existing norms while for the aeronautical sector, we have acquired an extensive know-how in analyzing mechanical joints (frame/floor beam joint; stabilizer/elevator joint; wheel/landing gear connection etc)

Damage propagation analysis (damage tolerance)

TECNOSISTEM performed damage tolerance analysis on aeronautical components. In particular, we have carried out crack propagation analysis and crack growth analysis as a function of flight cycles