Since the beginning,Tecnosistem provides services in the traditional fields of engineering systems associated with large-scale projects such as:

  • ventilation, HVAC, water, fire prevention and fire detection
  • Light, traction, escalators, lifts
  • Power supply , converter substations, Mt/bt Cabins, Electrical generators, UPS
  • Co-generation and tri-generation
  • solar power (photovoltaic, thermal, thermodynamic, etc.)
  • telecommunications (TVcc, D.O., Clocks, P.A., ecc.) and data transmission
  • Building Management System (Supervision systems, control etc.)

For rail transportation systems, our services cover:

  • Railway Infrastructure Installations
  • vehicles, signaling and traffic automation
  • electric traction systems and DC power
  • ticketing and access control systems

Our systems are designed and constructed to maximize energy efficiency using LEED, BREEAM and ITACA standard procedures